Training Needs Analysis (TNA) - Experience of Derek Stockley

This is a summary of Derek Stockley’s TNA experience. For an explanation of TNA, see: Training Needs Analysis Explanation.

A a public TNA training course is available, see:Training Needs Analysis Course . This course can be tailored to your needs and conducted in-house.

Derek Stockley also conducts Train the Trainer courses.

Derek Stockley can organise an in-house, comprehensive TNA/trainer project, see In-house Training Needs Analysis Project.

For an explanation of the productivity challenge in Australia, see: Article - Australian Productivity Action.

Training needs analysis assignments and experience

Derek Stockley has been identifying training needs for over 25 years.

It is an important part of every training assignment. He has also completed formal projects for a variety of organisations. The largest involved co-ordinating a TNA for 6500 employees. He managed and co-ordinated the project, reporting directly to General Manager.

Other recent TNA projects have included an Australian operation of an international engineering consultancy and a TNA scoping study for a major government equipment deployment.

He has presented two/three day TNA training courses in Kuala Lumpur (2) and Dubai (2).

Derek Stockley regularly conducts TNA activities including online surveys as part of the in-house training process with clients.

Derek has also completed a range of TNA related activities, including skills audits and competency standard development.

A variety of methods are used included interviews, strategy and detailed workshops as well as online training needs analysis surveys.

If you need to train staff members or you wish to sponsor a public program, Derek Stockley can conduct a two day training program for you.

Next steps - TNA assistance and consulting

Working out the best approach to identifying your training needs is a difficult task. An external consultant can help you quickly sort the wood from the trees. If you are interested in having assistance with a training needs analysis, or organising a TNA training program .

In Australia,

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TNA is also an important subject area in the Train the Trainer (Training Development) courses. Train the Trainer courses are conducted in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and London.

Derek Stockley provides a wide range of training courses, see: Training Courses and Services.

For more general information about train needs analysis, see: Training Needs Analysis Explanation.

For TNA articles, see "Mission impossible" - a light-hearted look at planning training, and Human resource issues need attention - a formal look at identifying and meeting needs within a performance framework.

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