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As part of the commitment to continuous improvement, training evaluations are undertaken for all training. Apart from the normal review and evaluation methods, "personal" and "individual" feedback is sometimes sought.

At two live training programs, participants were asked to provide feedback on a personal level. This was in addition to the normal course evaluations that were also completed. The feedback was unstructured and open-ended. It provides an insight into how participants feel about Derek Stockley as a presenter and trainer. Course participants were from both the public and private sectors. These testimonials are typical. Feedback from all programs is similar.

"Derek as a trainer is very interesting and informative. His encouragement in class participation allows a greater understanding of the theory."

"Derek as a trainer:

        - was very knowledgeable
- has great communication skills
- made the class feel comfortable
- and as a pupil, made me feel more comfortable and confident in my workplace role.

Would recommend this course."

"Derek was a very insightful lecturer. I found him to be very well informed with current work conditions. His way of teaching the many skills of communication, leadership and performance will help me in my workplace a lot. He has a great attitude towards his pupils.

"I found Derek to be very patient and friendly who seemed to make us feel comfortable."

"Derek as a trainer is very interesting and informative. His encouragement in class participation allows a greater understanding of the theory."

"Derek Stockley as a trainer is great and came across well."

"As a trainer, Derek Stockley is fluent and uses every day language to teach/show the complexities of team leader roles."

"I was extremely happy with the way you ran this course. I liked the way you ran the time table and each topic had just the right amount of time taken. Well done and thank you for your effort."

"I was surprised at how confident I felt during this course. Derek actually made me feel very comfortable in participating during the day, where normally I would have sat in the corner. The course information was interesting and relevant. Derek's way of presenting made sense."

"I found Derek to be helpful, personable, ready to listen, approachable, and knowledgeable in the subject."

"I found Derek Stockley to be a professional, competent lecturer. His style was non-threatening and his experience was obvious. It will be interesting to use the tools we have learnt today in the workplace."

"I found Derek to be easy to listen to and understand. He delivered the course in a professional yet friendly manner."

"Derek Stockley was easy to understand, came across relaxed and non-threatening. You explained things fully. It was a joy being here."

"I found Derek to be knowledgeable in all areas covered. I felt as if I could ask questions if required as Derek has an approachable, friendly manner. Thanks for a Great Day."

"I found Derek to be a very good teacher. Very easy to listen to and easy to understand. We were not forced to do things outside our 'comfort zone' but encouraged to give it a go. Derek allowed us all to talk about our issues and learn from each other as well as himself. Thanks Derek. I found the day very enjoyable and I feel that I have learnt a lot."

I have found information well explained and set out. Leadership information probably less in-depth than I would have liked, but motivational/communication part very good."

"I found Derek to be very knowledgeable on the subject and able to address everyone's different needs, considering all the different companies, styles and ages in attendance. I would definitely recommend this course to others in my workplace. I intend to check his website and may well show it to others. Thanks."

Derek Stockley receives consistent feedback on his training ability, see: Leadership Skills Training Course Testimonials.

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