Terms and Conditions Statement

Brief Summary of Terms and Conditions

This is a summary of the key terms and conditions applying to registrations for public training courses.

Courses are: Public Speaking and Presentation Skills, Leadership, Communication/Interpersonal Skills, Time Management, Meeting Management/Facilitation Skills, Train the Trainer, Customer Service, Selection and Interviewing Skills and Negotiation Skills.

Terms and Conditions - Full Statement

Derek Stockley - Achieve ABC Pty Ltd - Training Course Terms and Conditions – TOC010116


1. These terms and conditions together with the agreement (the “Agreement”) between the Registrant ("you") and Achieve ABC Pty Ltd form the “Training Agreement”.

2. Attendance and/or payment for the training courses (“Course”) shall be deemed by you to constitute acceptance of the Training Agreement, and that you fully understand this Training Agreement.

3. Achieve ABC Pty Ltd reserves the right to refuse entry to a Course if payment is not made prior to the Course or if previous accounts are overdue.

4. Where a group booking is made, payment terms are strictly within 14 days of date of invoice or prior to Course date, whichever is the earliest. Payment not made in accordance with this Training Agreement may result in the relevant attendee’s access to the training being cancelled.

5. You must pay to Achieve ABC Pty Ltd the price stated in any tax invoice provided to you by the date noted in that tax invoice and forwarded to the address specified in that tax invoice.

6. You additionally agree to pay Achieve ABC Pty Ltd upon demand made by Achieve ABC Pty Ltd:

a. an account service fee of 10 per cent per annum or any part thereof in relation to any invoices which are not paid strictly in accordance with this Training Agreement; and

b. any legal or other costs incurred by Achieve ABC Pty Ltd in enforcing or attempting to enforce a provision of this Training Agreement.

7. If an attendee fails to all or part of the Course, no refund will be given.

8. Achieve ABC Pty Ltd advises that Courses with low enrolment numbers may be rescheduled or cancelled, without any liability to Achieve ABC Pty Ltd, at the absolute discretion of Achieve ABC Pty Ltd. You acknowledge that you enrol in the Course with that risk in mind. Achieve ABC Pty Ltd is not liable to you for any such cancellations or rescheduling except to refund any Course fees already paid for by you and not requiring attendance on the rescheduled date.

9. Any attendee who leaves the Course before it is completed may not, at the sole discretion of Achieve ABC Pty Ltd, be eligible for a Course certificate of completion.

10. Courses may in some instances be conducted off site and any attendee not appropriately dressed may be refused entry and/or participation in the Course.

11. This Training Agreement may be altered or updated Achieve ABC Pty Ltd from time to time at Achieve ABC Pty Ltd's discretion. As this is a controlled document any variations will be identified as a different document number.

Confidentiality and Privacy

1. Achieve ABC Pty Ltd recognises every Course attendee's right to privacy and our privacy policies identify the appropriate means for collection, storage and use of private and personal information.

2. Achieve ABC Pty Ltd does not distribute any personal information collected without the written consent of the attendee, except to the company and client for whom the attendee is acting as a participant.

Fees Authorisation, Cancellation, Refund and Re-Scheduling Policy

1. Cancellation of attendance to a Course must be confirmed in writing five days prior to the commencement of the course to avoid a cancellation fee.

2. A cancellation fee of 100% of the Course fee will apply for non-attendees or cancellations outside the above notice period.

3. Achieve ABC Pty Ltd reserves the right to cancel or change the Course date without liability and will notify the attendee in advance. The attendee may either be rescheduled to another Course date or the Course fee will be refunded in full.

4. By providing your payment details, you irrevocably authorise and direct Achieve ABC Pty Ltd to use those details to deduct all fees payable to Achieve ABC Pty Ltd by you under this Training Agreement, including without limitation Course fees and any cancellation fees.

5. All fees are inclusive of GST.

Occupational Health and Safety

1. Achieve ABC Pty Ltd aims to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all its employees and others who enter its work premises and Course venues. Similarly, attendees must also be aware of their duty to take responsible care of the health and safety of others, and respect the rights of other attendees and trainers.

2. Attendees are required to comply with the rules of conduct on the training premises and follow any reasonable instructions of the trainer.

Limitation of Liability

1. The parties agree that Achieve ABC Pty Ltd will under no circumstances be liable to you for any indirect or consequential loss (including but not limited to loss of revenue or opportunity, loss of goodwill and lost profits).

2. Any liability of Achieve ABC Pty Ltd shall be excluded or reduced to the extent that the relevant loss or damage was caused or contributed to by the act or omission of or any breach or default by you, your officers, employees, contractors (other than Derek Stockley), attendees or agents.

3. You must take out and maintain valid and enforceable insurance policies (public liability and workers’compensation) for your attendees. Evidence of which, if requested by Achieve ABC Pty Ltd, shall be provided by you.

4. The laws of the State of Victoria govern this Training Agreement and the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of that State.

Terms and Conditions Statement Changes

Periodically, this Statement may be amended. If this occurs, any changes will be displayed on this page.