Training, Learning, HRD and Performance Consulting Services

Derek Stockley provides guidance and assistance in three specific consulting areas:

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Training/human resources development consulting assignments


Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

Complete or assist in the design and conduct of a TNA to determine general or specific training and learning needs for a target group, section, department or organisation. (see Training Needs Analysis (TNA) Explanation and Consulting).

Train the Trainer (TTT)

Complete or assist in the design and conduct of a Train the Trainer program to develop team leaders, managers and others involved in the learning of employees and staff. (see Train the Trainer Explanation and Consulting).

Program Design

Complete or assist in the design of a training program or programs to meet assessed needs. (see Learning and Development).

Instructional Design

Complete or advise on or support the detailed development of learning programs, courses, modules, and units; including the formulation of objectives, methodology, content and scheduling. (see Instructional Design/Writing Assignments).

Assessment and Evaluation

Complete or assist in the design and conduct of a training assessment and evaluations to determine achievement of objectives, review and modification.

Training Delivery

Conduct and/or coordinate training programs, see: Training Topics.

Competency Standards Development

Advise on or conduct workshops to develop competency standards in enterprises, or assist in the adaptation of industry standards and the development of competency based training.

To enquire further or request specific training assistance, see: training courses and consulting.

Performance management consulting and performance consulting

Performance Management

Performance Management/Performance Review and Development Systems

Provide guidance on or establish performance management systems, including overall design, approach, implementation and training. See Performance Management Consulting and Training Services

Career Development Systems

Carry out individual counselling or group sessions with employees on career options and planning and/or provide guidance on or establish systems within organisations to facilitate career development. For the training aspects, see the career development section of: human resources training.

Skills Analysis and Inventories

Conduct skills analyses of existing/proposed skill levels.

Position Descriptions/Job Statements/Task Descriptions

Advise on, provide training or write position descriptions to suit organisation or industry needs.

Position Evaluation

Provide guidance and/or training in position evaluation techniques to suit organisation or industry needs (not all systems).

Performance Consulting


Assisting and advising on appropriate organisation structures and methods and approaches required to achieve organisational change.

Organisation Review

General consulting activities related to achieving organisational and cultural change within organisations.

Other human resources and general consulting assignments

Recruitment and Selection

Policies and Procedures

Advise on and implement recruitment and selection policies and procedures, including development of processes and forms.

Job search

Training and counselling on CV and interview preparation and other aspects of the search process.

Interviewing and selecting

Training team leaders and managers in all aspects of the selection process.

For the training aspects, see the recruitment and selection section of: human resources training.

Re-engineering and Quality

Leading and/or facilitating process reviews designed to improve organisational processes and productivity, including development of policies and process to achieve ISO standards. (See commitment to continuous improvement).

Contacting Derek Stockley for further discussions

If you are interested in organising an in-house training program, or you require consulting assistance, see: training courses and consulting, or or telephone or write to Derek Stockley at Derek Stockley Contact Details