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Outline of Consulting Experience

Performance management is a key activity for every business or organisation. Although there may be many themes, all change programs and quality programs relate to the underlying performance management theme.

Derek Stockley has developed and implemented performance management systems in both the private and public sectors, including extensive consulting in local government in Victoria.

At a large public utility, as part of a two-person team, Derek implemented a performance review scheme for 6500 people. This involved developing the system and forms, gaining management approval and commitment, organising the management/supervisory training and general briefing sessions. The corporate HR team subsequently adopted the scheme for implementation throughout the organisation.

A new Award in Victorian local government also specified requirements for a performance review and salary review system called the Staff Development Scheme. Derek worked with many Councils and authorities on the design and implementation of their schemes. This often included training both management and staff in the details of the scheme and the skills involved in conducting performance reviews.

As it complemented position descriptions/evaluation, the Municipal Association of Victoria also used Derek as their principal consultant for performance management. He also consulted with a number of Councils on the customisation of the performance management scheme.

As part of a consulting assignment for a major franchise business, Derek developed and implemented a performance management system suitable for master franchisees, franchisees and administrative staff through out Australia. The system implemented covered both employee performance management and business performance management; that is, parts were designed for employee performance appraisal, whilst other aspects concentrated on business performance management.

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