Training and Learning (HRD) Articles

Through this High Performance Newsletter, Derek Stockley provides free business articles and commentary related to optimising individual and organisational performance. This training and learning index highlights the articles that focus on all aspects of the training process, as well as the broader themes that relate to the learning field generally.

Derek Stockley provides training and performance management consulting services from his base in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

The training and learning related articles are:

What is Train the Trainer? - explores the implications of the name "Train the Trainer".

Is there a difference between training and learning? - the key differences between 'training' and 'learning' are discussed and the implications for managers and team leaders are canvassed.

The two main requirements for success as a trainer - if you want to be a successful trainer, this article highlights two important requirements.

The importance of informal learning - if you think the only way learning occurs is through participation in formal courses, then this free article about informal learning may provide useful insights.

Calculating ROI (Return On Investment) for training - if you are trying to quantify the economic and other benefits of training, this article may help.

Can the implementation of an e-learning training solution assist an organisation? - the possibility of implementing an e-learning training system, and the associated management and organisational culture implications, are discussed.

Training qualifications in Australia are revamped - the new TAA04 Training and Assessment Training Package has major implications for Australian trainers.

The impact of training on others - training evaluation over the long term - as an example of long-term training evaluation, Derek Stockley comments on recent personal experiences about his own trainer development and the impact of training on others.

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