High Performance Newsletter - Re-publication Rules and Procedures

Re-publishing the newsletter in whole or part is welcomed and appreciated by Derek Stockley. He describes the basic rules and procedures for re-publishing High Performance Newsletter articles.

Publication rights

Permission to re-publish an individual article (in part or whole) is given, provided the following conditions are met:

  • Derek Stockley is informed of the re-publication at the time it occurs.
  • Derek Stockley is given proper recognition as the author.
  • A link to Derek Stockley’s website is published.
  • If the article is modified in anyway, the alterations are to be clearly attributed to the author and not Derek Stockley.
  • The article is relevant to the purpose of the website’s content.
  • The listing website is not banned by any search engine for distasteful or other content.

The acceptable format is as follows:

  • Article heading.
  • Summary paragraph, including links to newsletter and background pages.
  • Content including heading and subheadings.


"This article was originally published in an email newsletter by Derek Stockley. If you would like a free subscription, you can join the mailing list at Email Administration page."

When the article is published, please send the publication date and link reference to an email address listed below.

If you have any queries, please Contact Derek Stockley.