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This index highlights the articles that focus on personal development as part of the High Performance Newsletter. Derek Stockley provides free business articles and commentary related to optimising individual and organisational performance.

Derek Stockley provides training and performance management consulting services from his base in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

The personal development and personal skills related articles are:

Do you love what you do? - explores the relationship between work enjoyment and employee engagement. It makes a difference to both individuals and organisations if people feel that they are making a real contribution.

The importance of training - a commitment to development - explores a staff development question facing many managers. Managers have to make decisions about their commitment to staff development.

The three types of happiness - highlights the latest research on the three types of happiness.

Personal and business renewal is important - highlights the importance of personal and business renewal. A business approach by an interesting organisation is highlighted.

The importance of listening - Are you criticised or praised for your listening skills? This free article about listening identifies the importance of actually listening to what is being said.

Personal giving - receiving assistance from others graciously - this free article provides insight into the importance of giving and receiving advice or help from others

Personal contribution - making a difference - The personal contribution of individuals varies greatly. If you have ever thought about the difference you make, this article may provide some form of measurement.

Personal endeavour - achievement under difficult circumstances - if things seem difficult, then this free article may provide some inspiration - it is about achievement under difficult circumstances.

'Going for it' - the benefits of 'having a go' - the Australian culture encourages people to 'have a go'. Derek Stockley discusses a recent experience that highlights the benefits of putting yourself forward.

Professional development and continuous improvement - the link between professional development and continuous improvement.

Personal success - the impact people have on others - Derek Stockley details three conversations that highlight a concept of personal success

Exploring values and beliefs - underlying operating principles - the importance of values and beliefs is explored.

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