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Through this High Performance Newsletter, Derek Stockley provides free business articles and commentary related to optimising individual and organisational performance - management, human resources, marketing, technology, education, ethics, internet, etc.

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The importance of teams and teamwork - highlights the role of teamwork in achieving improved organisation performance and better morale.

The importance of internal branding to support exceptional customer service is growing - identifies the growing importance of internal branding. The relationship to successful change programs promoting a positive culture and climate for organisations is also explained.

Hidden problems with outsourcing - if you think outsourcing will cure all your problems, then this free article about the hidden problems of outsourcing might save you some anguish and unanticipated costs.

Exceptional customer service defined - Derek Stockley defines and explains exceptional customer service.

Employee engagement and organisational pride - employee engagement and organisational pride are discussed. Employee engagement is also defined.

What is effective delegation? - effective delegation is defined and discussed.

How important is management influence? - how important the influence of management is, particularly the influence of managers in senior positions.

Motivation and financial and non-financial rewards - the link between motivation and remuneration, including financial and non-financial rewards.

Talent management concept - definition and explanation - a definition of talent management and explanation of the growing importance of the concept

Human capital - definition, concept and importance - explores the human capital concept.

Derek Stockley provides training and performance management consulting services from his base in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Latest articles

Be better - focus on the big issues in Australia - this free article explains that now is the time for Australia to focus on the big issues and to stop the negative talk about unimportant things.

Australia is poised to grow - this free article explains that now is the time for Australia to seize the available opportunities.

Productivity gains in Australia are easy - this free article explores the many opportunities to improve productivity quickly and easily.

Intuitive design - ensuring your systems are easy to use - examines the impact of intuitive design on customer satisfaction and excellent service delivery.

Tips for licensing your product or service outlets - an article about the traps companies undertaking outsourcing can experience. Poor customer service can occur if proper arrangements are not made.

The importance of a 'can do' approach in customer service - examines the importance of offering positive outcomes even if the original expectations of customers cannot be met.

Should I or should I not? - this free article explores the age old issue of expediency - should I develop someone else to do a task or should I do it myself?

What is Train the Trainer? - explores the implications of the name "Train the Trainer".

Choosing the right business name - explores the implications of names for and in organisations and businesses.

How to handle customer complaints - explores the implications of not listening correctly to a customer complaining about the level of service received. It also explores our lack of interest in making complaints.

How to avoid the pitfalls of micromanagement - defines micromanagement and outlines the steps involved in stopping micromanagement behaviour.

Do you love what you do? - explores the relationship between work enjoyment and employee engagement. It makes a difference to both individuals and organisations if people feel that they are making a real contribution.

Anticipating customer needs - the difference between ordinary and exceptional service - shows an approach that helps staff achieve exceptional customer service.

Font size, colour and location affect readability - explores the importance of choosing the right font size and colour for printed material and computer screens.

Importance of teamwork - this article explores the continuing discussion about the importance of teamwork, an important concept for successful organisations.

The importance of training - a commitment to development - explores a staff development question facing many managers. Managers have to make decisions about their commitment to staff development.

Top 5 newsletter articles for 2006 - highlights the top five articles published in 2006. The articles were chosen because they relate to the key themes of customer service, engagement and training/learning.

How a positive leadership style can make a big difference - highlights the role of a positive attitude in leadership behaviour.

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"As a regular reader I certainly appreciate the articles you write and publish. I have found your thoughts on team development and performance management of particular interest. Material about change management has come to the top of my reading pile lately."

"Helen, Unit Manager, Victoria"


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