Customer Service and Customer Relationship Management Articles

Through this High Performance Newsletter, Derek Stockley provides free business articles and commentary related to optimising individual and organisational performance. This index highlights the articles that focus on customer service and customer relationship management.

Derek Stockley provides training and performance management consulting services from his base in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. If you need customer service consulting assistance, see customer service consultant.

The customer service related articles are:

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Customer service systems and approach

The importance of a 'can do' approach in customer service - examines the importance of offering positive outcomes even if the original expectations of customers cannot be met.

How does your business service quality match up? - explores the lessons learnt from visits to two major supermarkets operating in Australia. In this case, the quality of the shopping trolleys provides an insight into the business approaches taken by the two major competitors.

Do customers have a clear path to your business door? - uses a real life customer service example to demonstrate the importance of sightlines in every customer service organisation. Navigation and visibility can be overlooked if you do not pay close attention.

Are your business systems arrogant? - highlights an example of business arrogance in system design. It raises questions about the design of systems to suit business rather than customer needs.

Predicting service levels - managing information - highlights the importance of predicting service level requirements at the earliest possible stage. The key role of information management is explained.

The importance of business and personal analysis - provides an examination of the types of personal and business analysis that can be undertaken.

Telephone systems

The importance of auditing and monitoring your business systems - emphasises the importance of constantly monitoring and auditing every important business system.

Telephone systems need to be customer friendly - examples of poor telephone system designs that do not promote customer service, and what should be done instead.

Design and customer service

Achieving excellent service design - Derek Stockley discusses the importance of excellent service design.

Customer service staffing issues

How to handle customer complaints - explores the implications of not listening correctly to a customer complaining about the level of service received. It also explores our lack of interest in making complaints.

Are your people saying the right thing to customers? - explores the language used by staff when dealing with customers. Is the language appropriate? Will it offend customers?

What do you do when the customer is right and you are wrong? - highlights customer service. How would you handle a situation when the customer was right and you were wrong?

Frontline staff - critical to customer service success - highlights the importance of having staff who know and understand the business. Frontline staff are critical to determining how your organisation is perceived.

Customer service implications of outsourcing

Hidden problems with outsourcing - if you think outsourcing will cure all your problems, then this free article about the hidden problems of outsourcing might save you some anguish and unanticipated costs.

Excellent customer service defined and explained

Anticipating customer needs - the difference between ordinary and exceptional service - shows an approach that helps staff achieve exceptional customer service.

Quick, efficient customer service is important - highlights the importance of fast, courteous and friendly customer service.

Exceptional customer service defined - Derek Stockley defines and explains exceptional customer service.

"The customer is always right" - Derek Stockley discusses the phrase: "the customer is always right", a starting point in customer service training.

The customer can be closer than you think - a key point about relationships with customers - they can be closer than you think.

Achieving exceptional customer service - Derek Stockley explores customer service, particularly the concept often promoted by consultants: exceptional customer service (exceeding expectations).

"I’m sorry" - the phrase that slips too easy off customer service staff lips. An article about the overuse of the apology in customer service greetings and a reminder about two customer service essentials.

Marketing and internal branding

The importance of internal branding to support exceptional customer service is growing - identifies the growing importance of internal branding. The relationship to successful change programs promoting a positive culture and climate for organisations is also explained.

Customer complaints and feedback

How to handle customer complaints - highlights how good practices can minimise the unhappiness caused by bad customer service practices and processes.

Designing systems and processes that work - many managers are unaware of the design faults in their systems and processes. If you want to avoid major problems, then this free article by Derek Stockley may well save your customers immense frustration and dramatically improve your bottom line.

Customer satisfaction surveys - online and other questionnaires/surveys - the importance of customer satisfaction surveys and the different ways to implement them. The article links to an online survey about the High Performance email newsletter.

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