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This free article by Derek Stockley highlights the importance of personal and business renewal. A business approach by an interesting organisation is highlighted.

This article is going to take a different approach, although it still fits within my normal performance theme.

My clients can be small to large organisations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Participants on my programs also come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

I recently completed a half day program with a group of trainee ministers. Afterwards, I accepted an invitation to join them and the other staff for the daily prayer time held prior to lunch.

As an organisation operating as part of a church, devotional time was seen as an important part of the daily schedule.

The devotional time was a refreshing experience. It was basically a time for quiet prayer and reflection. There was a bible reading to consider and think about, as well as some questions for personal reflection and review. Each individual used the time in their own way. It was not a group session, even though 30+ people were present.

Devotional activities are expected in a religious environment, but afterwards I pondered the benefits of such sessions in the corporate world. Obviously, a religious theme is not a mandatory requirement, but I think many people in our busy world would benefit from a quiet time in the middle of the day. Quite often we become too involved in our work. Our focus tends to be on the task at hand, rather than the bigger picture.

Yoga and meditation are often promoted for their calming benefits. Many people recommend that busy people should take a lunch break rather than work through and eat a quick sandwich at their desks.

Although it was an individual activity, the devotion time was also a time for people to be together. This was carried on into lunch, with people gathering to eat in the canteen. I could sense a real feeling of community in this particular workplace.


There are many different ways to conduct business. Sometimes we can learn from different methods. We do not have to be religious to gain personal and organisational renewal from times of reflection and review.

Personal reflection

Do you have a quiet time to reflect and review?

Do you feel part of the wider organisation?

Should you and your team set aside some time for review and reflection?

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