'Going for it' - the benefits of 'having a go' (article)

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The Australian culture encourages people to 'have a go'. Derek Stockley discusses a recent experience that highlights the benefits of putting yourself forward.

Why is it important to 'have a go'?

At the weekend I was reminded of the importance of having a go - putting yourself forward to take advantage of an opportunity.

One of my sons is now a gold medal holder in wrestling. He achieved the highest award in his age and weight class at the Australian Schools Wrestling Championship.

For many reasons, this is an extraordinary achievement. But through a unique range of circumstances, the highest position has been achieved. Simply because he put himself forward and said "I want to have a go".

Many of us never achieve what we dream about. Often there are good reasons, but failing to try is not one of them.

The weekend reminded me of the importance of trying. So many things have been achieved because someone said: "I will try that!"

It reminds me of one of my favourite sayings:

"To try and fail in understandable. To fail to try is inexcusable."

Personal reflection

  • Are you where you want to be?

  • Have you tried something new lately?

  • Do you have a personal success story like the one above?

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