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Customer satisfaction survey form for the High Performance Email Newsletter

This form is to provide feedback to Derek Stockley on the weekly High Performance Newsletter, as explained in Customer Satisfaction Survey Article.

Your feedback is important

I would sincerely appreciate your specific feedback on the High Performance email newsletter. Completion of the following form is requested (for your records, a copy will be placed in your "sent" email folder of the email address you are using):

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All fields and questions are optional, although your name and country will be appreciated.



Size of your organisation

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How would you rate the newsletter generally?

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Do you read:

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Do you normally:

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Often delete without reading

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Do you find the newsletter:

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What newsletter topics interest you? (you can tick more than one)


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Other, please specify:

The newsletter format is sent in an HTML format. It should look like a web page whether it is read online or off-line. Does the copy you receive:

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Has the newsletter ever prompted you to research a particular topic further?

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If yes, please explain

Do you have a favourite article?

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Other remarks about the newsletter, the website or Derek Stockley

You will receive a general acknowledgement email within a few minutes of sending your feedback (please note: the acknowledgement will be sent to the email address you use to send this form).

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If you the above form does not work, please print the email/web page with the information inputted and fax to +613 9727 5271. If the form works, your email system will ask the questions mentioned above when you press the submit button.

To review the newsletter, see: Listing of recent newsletter articles.

You can publish this article, provided that you meet certain requirements, see: High Performance Newsletter Publication page.

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