Customer relationships - the customer can be closer than you think (article)

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In this article, Derek Stockley examines a key point about relationships with customers - they can be closer than you think.

Being close to the customer

One of my sons had some interesting experiences when he was delivering prescription drugs for a local pharmacy (drug store). Most of the customers were elderly or with limited access to transport, so they relied on the home delivery service.

Even at the age of 15 he noticed how some of the customers seemed to "dress up" and/or look forward to his visit. Some of his "regulars" even offered him a drink.

He was astute enough to realise that he was an important part of their lives. He might have been the only person they had seen that day.

The relationship with the customer

Sometimes your customers have a strong relationship with you. They may not realise it. It may in part be due to something more than the product or service you provide. It could be because of the personal benefit or value attached to your product or service. It will probably be related to your personal contact with them.

This relationship can be important to you. It probably guarantees ongoing contact and business.

The relationship is certainly important to your customer. They have a strong attachment to your product or service. More importantly, they have a relationship with you personally.

It is like a friendship which needs to be cared for and nurtured.


Customers can develop a relationship with you that is strong and long-lasting.

It will probably be based on how you respond to them on a personal level, in addition to the product or service you provide.

It is important to recognise the possibility of such relationships developing. It is vital that all dealings are courteous, efficient and effective, as the customer probably has high expectations that have to be met every time.

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