Personal success - the impact people have on others (article)

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In this article, Derek Stockley details a conversation that highlights a concept of personal success.

What is personal success? How do you measure success? In your daily activities, what factors do you personally consider as important?

The nurse - treating a patient successfully

I have known the nurse for some time. She described a common occurrence for people in the helping professions. Often they do not know the long term outcome of patients they have treated.

When discussing possible outcomes of a medical procedure, the nurse related a story about a former patient. The story was told to allay fears about a serious operation.

The way the nurse related the story had a deeper meaning for me.

Recently, a former patient had gone out of his way to come up and personally thank her for the help she had provided some years ago. After a long and complicated treatment, the patient was now enjoying an active and contented life.

As she told the story, the personal satisfaction gained from the incident was obvious. She was genuinely pleased that the patient had finally found resolution.

She knows that she helps people every day. Often, she prevents serious complications, but it was nice to get some personal feedback.

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