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Derek Stockley is a training and performance consultant based in Melbourne, Australia.

This free article provides tips on how to improve productivity in Australia.

Opportunities for dramatic productivity improvement exist

During discussions with participants on my Train the Trainer courses, I often hear statements about how the implementation of some basic process training is going to make a big difference.

One participant was involved in a major manufacturing facility that had wastage amounting to millions of dollars per year. The production line dealt with big volumes. Setting up production jobs often took a number of attempts because of the "trial and error" approach being used. Proper training in how to set up production runs was a simple solution. Getting it right the first time was easy with proper training.

When conducting a Training Needs Analysis workshop, a participant commented on the process she used to logon to the finance system. It turned out there was a much shorter method. She had needed someone to train her in the first place.

I know I have a bias for the importance of training. Over the years I have had many similar conversations. The potential for dramatic productivity improvement is there and the opportunities are easy to discover. You just have to look and when you find them, take action!

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