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This free article explores the implications of the name "Train the Trainer".

Derek Stockley is a training and performance management consultant based in Melbourne, Australia. He conducts in-house and public training courses.(Google+).

Derek Stockley conducts the Train the Trainer Course - Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or London.

In the last newsletter article about business names, I mentioned receiving an email from a participant in an upcoming Train the Trainer program asking the question:

"I have a question in regard to the title 'Train the Trainer' - is it true that this term is 'out of date' and what we've known as TTT is now being named something else?"

This newsletter is based on my reply.

"Train the Trainer" has been around for a long time. I personally have been using the term for over 30 years.

I may have a bias, but I believe it accurately reflects the nature and the content of the course you are about to attend.

Learning is a more 'in vogue" term than training, but I believe it has a broader meaning and context, see: difference between training and learning.

Since I define training as "the conscious and planned process of transferring knowledge, skills and attitudes to others", I believe this is what I will do on the course. There will also be learning, but my approach is to share the essential training concepts/methods with you and the other participants. This is so you can in turn pass on your KSA (knowledge, skills and attitudes) to others, see: key training skills.

I wrote an article for Training Magazine Australia about training issues (including the name problem), see: Training in Australia is everybody's responsibility.

My final comment relates to the formal training qualification here in Australia. The title includes 'training' but also 'assessment'. The focus on assessment comes from the strong VET/VTE focus, see: Training and Assessment Qualifications.

As you can see, the formal system is very complex. The new certificate is about the equivalent of 15 days full-time study, plus the assessment activities.

I apologise for the long answer, but it is an issue I have given some thought to. "

Derek Stockley


Many articles now talk about the skills shortage in Australia and the increasing competition for talent. Whatever the name, many team members need to develop and use training skills. I continue to believe that trainer training is a very good investment.

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Derek Stockley conducts in-house customer service training and consulting, see customer service training and consulting.

Derek Stockley conducts public training courses in both Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

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