Leadership Training with Derek Stockley

Photo - Derek Stockley - training, learning and performance consultant, Melbourne
Derek Stockley is a trainer in leadership as well as other essential soft skills training topics. He conducts leadership training courses for participants from the government, business and the not-for-profit sectors. He conducts a public Leadership Skills course as well as in-house leadership programs.

Derek is the Director of Derek Stockley, a training business based in Melbourne, Australia.

Derek has conducted training programs throughout Australia and also in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Dubai and the Solomon Islands.

Derek Stockley has knowledge and skills drawn from over 25 years of employment and consulting experience; his education; community participation and life experience.

Apart from his own leadership experience, he has worked with supervisors, team leaders, co-ordinators, project managers, managers, small business owners, executives, etc. He has the ability to quickly assess and comprehend a leadership situation, and his relaxed but effective communication ability, make Derek an ideal training consultant for both public and in-house training courses.

His personal leadership experience has been gained from community and corporate environments over many years. He has experience in youth leadership in Australia and USA. He has been an office bearer of community and educational organisations (including President and Vice President). In business, he has been a project manager, administration manager and services manager, managing sections and departments with up to 100 personnel.

Derek achieves results. He often adds value by achieving more than was originally envisaged. He assists organisations by demonstrating effective management skills, often achieving a transfer of skills to the staff he is working with.

Derek has worked effectively with people from the public, private, education and community sectors.

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