Soft Skills Training Consultant

Australia wide and international soft skills training services, with a focus on the essentials that dramatically affect human resource and organisational performance.

Derek Stockley is the Director of Achieve ABC Pty Ltd.

Achieve Actual Behaviour Change

The focus is helping individuals and organisations Achieve Actual Behaviour Change.

Key business areas - training, learning and performance

Specialising in soft skills training that enables learning which leads to improved performance.

How can I help you to do more?

Derek Stockley often surprises potential clients because of the depth of understanding gained very quickly when discussing training needs. Find out more at: Test Derek

In-house and public training programs

Derek works throughout Australia providing in-house training, coaching and consulting with public training programs in Melbourne . Working at both the individual and organisational level, helping business leaders to be more efficient and effective human resource managers, it is possible to respond to last minute training requests.

Courses are suitable for the public and private sectors - small and large business (including SME’s), all branches of government and the not-for-profit sector. Derek Stockley also conducts management seminars at HR (human resource) conferences. He is available as a conference speaker.

These training programs provide immediate benefits. Many employees regard the commitment to training as a vital factor for 'employer of choice' status.

Derek Stockley outlines a wide range of public speaking and presentation training and coaching services for all staff levels, including sales and marketing staff, team leaders and managers.

Public speaking/presentation skills training programs

There are five options - each offering specific, helpful advice and coaching that leads to successful presentations.

Public Training Course       In-house Training       Presentation Review Service       Presentation Help       Public Training Course

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