Business Ethics Statement


This business ethics statement explains our approach to the ethical issues faced when providing information on websites, particularly when linking to articles and information on external sites. A major ethical issue is "free" products, articles and information which has prompted this statement. On a wider scale, business ethics is growing in importance generally.

This ethics statement relates to the Derek Stockley web site and its various component parts. The statement outlines the current policy on the design and presentation of information and articles, and inferences users may draw from the information provided. It should be read in conjunction with the Privacy, Copyright and Disclaimer pages on this website.

"Free" information and products - "Affiliate" programs

Many websites offer "free" information and products. However, sometimes the "free" information is offered as an inducement, that is then followed by specific products being offered. Often these sites are linked to "Affiliate" (they are also called "Partner" or "Associate") programs where a commission payment is received if you "purchase" the referred product.

Sometimes the possibility of commission being paid to the referring site is explained in the article. Sometimes it is not. Sometimes, it is hidden away in a long and detailed privacy or legal statement.

We believe that you should be informed if your actions generate a commission for a third party.

We provide links to external sites. Some of them operate "Affiliate" programs.

Please be assured:

We only recommend sites on the basis that we believe (at the time the site was reviewed and included) they provide worthwhile information and content which complements or adds to the information provided on this site.

We are not affiliated with many of the external "affiliate" sites listed on this site.

If we are an "Affiliate", the fact that we are an affiliate will be clearly stated in any recommendation or reference made. It will not be "hidden away" on a legal notice on another page.

Your support of affiliate sites is appreciated as it provides income that offsets the high costs involved in keeping this site up-to-date and relevant.

Like over millions of other websites, we are an Associate of If you purchase a product by using one of the links provided on this site, we may receive a commission from the sale.

Google AdSense Program

The site has been accepted by Google Inc as a participant in the AdSense program. Only a small number of adverts appear, as they are included as a way of monitoring internet activities. On selected pages, advertisements inserted by Google will appear. An example:

These advertisements are selected by Google under their own quality processes. Some of the ads are for charitable organisations. To assist in covering the high cost of maintaining this site, we may receive a small commission if you "click through" to a commercial site. See also: Disclaimer.

Commercial arrangements with partners

For strategic reasons, and in order to offer an extensive range of services, we do "partner" with other commercial organisations. In such cases, we may receive remuneration for marketing and other consulting services provided.

Partners are clearly identified. Financial consideration is clearly implied through the description of the service listed.


To assist in Search Engine Optimisation/Marketing, links from this site to client sites may be provided. A linking on this site can be beneficial. Nearly all of these links are on a non-commercial basis.

See also: Disclaimer.

Link Exchanges

A valid search engine optimization technique involves exchanging links with other websites. I approach other sites and other webmasters approach me. I only exchange links with high quality sites which I personally review. See also: Disclaimer.

If you would like to further explore the Ethics topic, see: Open Directory - Ethics Management


If you wish to comment on this statement, or raise a relevant issue, please: Contact Derek Stockley.

If you are one of the many visitors to this page refered by a search engine, we would appreciate your feedback. How does our ethics statement compare? Have you discovered something in your research that could be added to this page? Please use one of the email addresses below to let us know. Thanks.

Ethics Statement Changes

This statement may be amended. If this occurs, any changes will be displayed on this page.