E-journey Definition and Explanation (E-learning)

What is an E-journey?

There may be other definitions, but I define an e-journey as:

A guided tour of websites designed to amuse, educate and develop the e-journey traveller. An e-journey is one form of e-learning or online training, but it is more like a map and travel guide than a formal learning program. It takes the reader to places of interest. Some will have a quick tour by skipping some sections. Others will have a detailed, all encompassing experience exploring important information resources.

It is up to the traveller.

You will determine the route of your journey. At various stages, you will come to a number of choices. The fork in the road that you take is up to you.

What's next?

Do you want to learn more about e-learning?

Implementing e-learning - an "how to" guide by Derek Stockley - important tips and information about the successful implementation of e-learning systems in companies and organisations. You can read it in PDF format (as published) here.

There is a free e-journey on the Derek Stockley site called: E-journey on E-learning. It provides information about many aspects of elearning including major features, major trends, key issues, leading experts and comprehensive resource links.

Paul Semmens, a PhD research student at the University of Tasmania said "I found your online 'E-journey on E-learning' most interesting and helpful."

The major topics in the e-learning e-journey include answers to such questions as:

What is e-learning? What types of e-learning are there?

What is the relationship of e-learning to online education and/or training?

How big is the e-learning industry? Who are the major players?

What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

Where can I find out more information? What resources are available?

A second e-journey is about Web Site Design and Construction. This is an extensive e-journey. It is also free.

On the other hand, another approach can be a simple listing of relevant and worthwhile sites. An example is : Interesting "leadership" sites.

In between these two examples is a hybrid - some information - some interesting links - see : Top 50 Management Gurus (Business Intellectuals). This page lists the top 50 management gurus identified by Accenture, the international consulting firm. Extensive links to information about each guru is provided.

For more information about Derek Stockley, select: Derek Stockley's Consulting Background.