How do you know your training consultant understands you and your organisation?

Derek Stockley welcomes you to test him! See if he can talk intelligently to you about your training needs!

The training consultants that you use are vital for your training success.

Derek Stockley has been training people for over 25 years. In that time he has worked with hundreds, if not thousands, of people from all walks of life. He shares important information that helps people to be more productive. But he does not talk at people, he talks with people. His training sessions are more like a discussion with a trusted advisor.

This extensive experience, combined with a real skill in listening and understanding issues, ensures Derek will quickly get to the core matters of vital concern to you and your organisation.

Organising an in-house training course requires care. Every training program should be different. Although the topics covered may be similar from one client to the next, the emphasis and messages will be unique.

In ten-fifteen minutes, Derek will:

  • Ask you about the intended program, purpose and participants.

  • Discuss with you the outcomes you wish to achieve.

  • Use his knowledge and experience to ask clarifying questions that will focus the training very specifically to your needs.

  • Quickly summarise the key issues and key design elements of the training solution.

You will be surprised by how quickly Derek can focus accurately on your situation.

To discuss your needs and the available options, in Australia,

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For information about organising a TNA, see: Training Needs Analysis.