Work-life Balance Training and Seminars

Derek Stockley provides work-life balance training and seminars. The workshops can be for small and large business, companies, government and not-for-profit organisations. Work-life balance is now a major issue for Australian workers and employers. Successful companies recognise the importance of the issue and implement programs to support the family friendly policies now being introduced.

Work-life balance implementation

Typical training programs and seminars are half day or one day sessions. Some preparation activity prior to the session may be possible and desirable.

Participant groups can include general staff to senior executives in all disciplines.

Topics can include:

  • Work-life balance principles
  • Work-life balance strategies and approaches
  • Time management
  • Career planning
  • Personal development options
  • Policies and supporting actions

Please note: the topics and contents listed here are very broad. They give you an indication of the breadth and depth of the work-life balance training course area.

Each session or program is individually designed to meet the needs of the participants, as needs can vary significantly between individuals and organisations.

The focus can be oriented towards time management skills training or more towards understanding the general principles and work-life balance implementation issues.

The actual training program delivered will be based on individual and organisation needs determined during the design process. For example, a program could have a team development focus as well.

There are many options available. A recent time management program included the work-life balance theme. The program included a session on overall life balance priorities as well as a general discussion of work-life balance issues, including reference to Derek’s substantial personal experience (the father of five sons in a dual career family). Derek also facilitated a discussion about various actions the team could take to improve the department’s control of external demands, as well as overall meeting quality.

Further information

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