Customer Service Training - example topics/content

As explained in Customer Service Training, this page lists topics and content that can be covered in customer service training conducted by Derek Stockley.

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Customer Service Training

A wide range of topics may be included in a customer service training program. In addition to the topic choices, an important feature of any customer service training is the context of the training - the environment in which the training will be conducted. This can only be determined when the training group is known.

Factors considered include the organisation's customer service culture, the range of customers serviced, the type/range of products/services offered, the staff members attending and the overall operating environment.

Program duration and target audience

Programs can be half day, one day or longer.

Participants can be drawn from a variety of work groups and classsifications. Some may hold frontline service positions, other supervisory or team leader roles.

Training Approach and Design

Most programs consist of formal presentation by the trainer, plus activities and exercises. Instruction is pre-dominantly in a "training room" setting, but can be augmented with online training (e-learning) and "between session" research, activities and assignments. The balance between customer service theory and practice will vary from program to program.

Program Content

Topics covered can include:

  • What is quality customer service?
  • The importance of customer service
  • What do customers want and expect?
  • Customer service as part of organisation culture
  • First impressions/critical service moments
  • Face-to-face and telephone/mail/email contact
  • Handling complaints and difficult customers
  • Measuring customer satisfaction
  • The importance of customer retention
  • Service standards and professionalism
  • Communication types and processes
  • Attitudes and people's perceptions
  • Satisfaction, self-esteem and accomplishment
  • Systems, processes and procedures
  • Service versus care concepts
  • 100% quality delivery - getting the basics consistently right
  • Internal and external customers

Learning Outcomes

As a result of these types of programs, participants will return to the workplace with a clearer perspective of the components and steps necessary for improved customer service, either through individual effort and/or effective teamwork.

Who Should Attend

For people holding or moving into any customer service role.

Further information

Companies and other organisations with five or more to be trained can request further information and a quotation through the in-house training request page or learn more about in-house training at: in-house training explanation.

Most customer service training is in-house. However, to cater for smaller organisations that only have one to four participants to train, a specialised public course option is offered.

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For training consulting, see: Training Courses and Consulting.