Need presentation and public speaking coaching?

Presentation Coaching       This coaching service is for people who require assistance to (1) prepare a speech or presentation and (2) deliver it effectively.

Who is this coaching for?

If you are:

  • Presenting to a conference or an important business meeting and/or.
  • Needing to present effectively in a variety of settings and/or.
  • Speaking at a private function (e.g. a wedding).

Then this coaching service will prepare you:

Possible content

The training material and coaching will cover (as required):

  • Public speaking techniques - methods, use of voice, body language, etc.
  • Presentation design - achieving objectives and maximising effectiveness.
  • Presentation methods - building rapport, variety of approaches, etc.
  • Using technology (PowerPoint) - tips and techniques that optimise performance.
  • Effective communication of general and technical concepts.
  • Group interaction and participation – feedback/answering questions.
  • Overcoming nerves.

Program Structure

The normal structure is as follows (it will be adapted to your specific needs):

1. Initial one-on-one telephone conversation and discussion.

2. You review the presentation, public speaking and PowerPoint training material forwarded with the coaching briefing. This material covers preparation, public speaking techniques and the use of PowerPoint. This preparation assists greatly with the nerves sometimes associated with public speaking. You prepare an actual presentation.

3. You attend a review and assessment session at 15th Floor, 350 Collins Street, Melbourne, including delivery and critique of the actual presentation. During this session, all aspects of designing and delivering excellent presentations will be covered. Alternatively, arrangements can be made to do the session by Skype.

This process provides information to review, specific guidance on the development of the presentation and public speaking presentation, and a review covering the speaker and the presentation itself.

Who is the trainer?

Photo - Derek Stockley - training consultant

Derek Stockley has been been helping people prepare and deliver speeches and presentations for over 25 years. He has experience as a trainer, facilitator, manager and consultant in both the private and public sectors.

He has worked with specialists, professionals and managers at all levels.

He has:

  • Developed and presented one-on-one coaching and small group training sessions on all facets of making successful presentations.
  • Developed and conducted basic, advanced and specialised trainer development programs that have included presentation and discussion techniques.
  • Personal experience over many years in public speaking, presentations, seminars and training sessions.

As a training consultant, Derek concentrates on the actual need. As a consequence of helping hundreds of people with their presentations, he has the ability to quickly understand the concepts and ideas being explored. More importantly, he can quickly assess what the key aspects of the presentation are and what is needed to ensure the presentation is on target.

How much does the service cost?

$900 AUD. Although Derek is based in Melbourne Australia, this service is available to anyone in a time zone compatible with the time in Melbourne, Australia.

Further information

Full confidentiality is assured, see: Confidentiality.

In Australia,

For full contact details, see Contact Details (with time information).

Other options:

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