PowerPoint Training - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Details of the public training course is at: Public Speaking/Presentation Skills Training (Melbourne).

The PowerPoint presentation software sold and distributed by Microsoft is a very powerful and effective presentation tool. However PowerPoint is an aid, just like overhead projector transparencies and coloured chalk on the blackboard were before it.

PowerPoint is very versatile and it can be used in a variety of ways, but PowerPoint should never be so dominant as to take the focus away from the presenter. Presentations are about conveying thoughts and information. They can be about motivation and inspiration. They should have a clear purpose and message. They should inform, enlighten or gain commitment. They may even encourage someone to buy something.

Presenters have to ensure that their message is worthwhile and that it gets through. Presenters want to finish with people understanding and remembering their message. It is often of little use if participants remember the "whiz bang" show with all the "bells and whistles" instead of the key messages and information.

Yes, making an impression is important. However, it is you and your message that you want people to remember - not the fact that PowerPoint can do amazing animations and tricks.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Derek Stockley conducts public speaking and presentation skills that include the explanation and use of presentation technology like PowerPoint. It is one element of a comprehensive approach covering public speaking techniques, preparation, presentation and interaction with technology.

There are a variety of ways that Derek Stockley can assist you. The three options (public course, in-house training or coaching) are explained at: Presentation Skills Training Options.

Please note: if your training need relates only to the technical aspects of PowerPoint, please contact a software training specialist for basic, intermediate and advanced training in using PowerPoint on your computer. Many computer training and educational institutions provide this type of training. However, please ask yourself if you need it. Many people Derek works with can be using the software in a matter of minutes. It is what you put on the slides that is important for effectiveness. Most people who can used Microsoft software can quickly learn the key features of PowerPoint.

If you are interested in organising an in-house training program for your company or organisation, see: in-house training explanation or to make an enquiry, select: in-house training enquiry.

If you require consulting assistance, or telephone or write to Derek Stockley at Contact Details.