Need specific training and/or coaching?

Derek Stockley introduces a training and coaching service that meets the need for urgent training when a public short course is not available, and in-house training is not viable because of insufficient numbers. Just-in-time (JIT) training includes topics in: train the trainer, presentation skills, leadership training and management skills, performance management, soft skills and human resources.

Meeting the employee training need

People often require training at short notice. Sometimes a suitable public training course cannot be found because of different needs and time availability.

In addition, business demands require flexibility. This service provides greater flexibility and added value.

This on-demand service is a viable alternative to in-house training because it is designed for situations where only one, two, three or four people need training and/or coaching.

Importantly, this training can be very cost effective.

How does this training/coaching service work?

"On-the-job" Training/Coaching session

An "on-the-job" training and coaching session can be organised, particularly in metropolitan Melbourne, although sessions have also been conducted in various country centres in Victoria.

The method is very cost efficient because the training and/or coaching is directly related to actual needs, see: Training/Coaching Examples. Also, the daily course fees for some public courses are very high.

The specific training topic can be drawn from the topic areas listed below.

To obtain a quote, see: On-Demand Registration or or telephone or email to Derek Stockley (see below).

How much do the programs cost?

The "on-demand" course and coaching fee is based on the design time required and the length of the actual session.

The cost "per person" depends on the number of people involved in the session.

The upfront cost may be more expensive than the course fee of a public course. However, most clients find the "on demand" course more economical when the reduced training time and greater value of the training are taken into account. The value when compared to public course fees at the "premium" level charged by other providers can be exceptional.

Typically, participants cover the key learning points relevant to them in half the time it would take to wade through a public course. A public course may cover new material, but often such courses also cover material already known to participants. When time is precious, this is a luxury that individuals and organisations cannot afford.

In addition, participants obtain individual coaching on real business situations. The training does not cover just the key concepts. Discussion covers the current, actual business situation, where often consulting advice is provided along with the individual training and coaching.

How is the training/coaching organised?

Participant needs are individually assessed, either through questionnaires or email/telephone. Participant needs are known prior to the course starting. Different information/learning needs can be met by a design incorporating blended learning.

Why is this high value training?

The fee is not bloated by expensive marketing costs and corporate overheads. The focus is on a well planned and executed program designed to meet participant needs. The fees paid represent excellent value.

Genuine Quote - "I have never been to a training day before where my interest was maintained at a high level all day." (Software Trainer Melbourne)

What are the disadvantages?

Some people like larger numbers of participants for the opportunity to share experiences. If this applies to you, do review the extensive range of public courses offered by Derek Stockley:

Leadership course image  Leadership Course - Melbourne .
Train the Trainer course image  Train the Trainer - Melbourne .

Facilitation skills course image  Facilitation Skills - Melbourne .
Communication course image  Communication Course - Melbourne .
Customer service course image  Public Customer Service Course.
Public speaking course image  Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Course - Melbourne.
Interviewing course image  Selection and Interviewing Skills Course- Melbourne.
Time management course image  Time Management Course - Melbourne.
Negotiation course image  Negotiation Skills Course - Melbourne.
Training Needs Analysis course image  Training Needs Analysis Course - Melbourne.
Professional Development course image  Professional Development for Trainers - Melbourne.

To help meet actual training needs, public course content can be augmented through the EssentialsPLUS process, see: Additional Training Options.

Details of training courses are listed at: Public Training Courses (Short Courses).

However, with individual coaching/training, this is compensated for by the opportunity to not only share experiences, but also "work on" real life problems and solutions directly related to real needs. Confidentiality is assured. In public courses, full details can often not be disclosed.

Available training course topics

These topics cover the general training areas covered by Derek Stockley.

Training/coaching areas are drawn from these general topics. A very specific topic can be requested. A specialised training need is best met by this type of training/coaching. Often, public courses are not available. This website provides a lot of information about Derek Stockley’s background. The newsletter and articles sections will help you to decide if Derek is the right person to work with you.

Training Needs Analysis - develops skills in the methods and approaches necessary to undertake a training needs analysis, skills inventory, gap analysis, etc.

Train the Trainer - develops skills in designing and presenting training to individuals on-the-job or in small groups. Topics can include: needs analysis, design, evaluation, etc.. See also: Presentation Skills and Facilitation Skills.

Customer Relations Training - develops skills in dealing with customers, customer relations, handling difficult customers and related customer programs.

Performance Review Training - all aspects of performance management, particularly how to conduct reviews (for team leaders, managers) and how to participate (employees).

Leadership and Management Training - designed for those without formal supervisory and management training, topics can include: motivation, communication, leadership styles, management tasks. See also: Developing Team Leader Skills Public Course.

General Training - time, communication, negotiation - a range of general business skills training.

Human Resources - topics include the recruitment and selection approach, preparing position documentation and conducting interviews and other selection methods.

In many of the above topics, Derek could provide consulting input as well. This advice is an added benefit.

For example:

  • Advice on how to approach a particular TNA need.
  • Development of a high value enquiry process (customer service).
  • Design of a specific recruitment campaign.

These are three examples (from literally hundreds of possibilities) of how Derek may assist you.

If you are interested in organising an in-house training program (four or more participants) for your company or organisation, see: in-house training explanation or to make an enquiry, select: in-house training enquiry.

If you require consulting assistance, or telephone or write to Derek Stockley at Contact Details.

For more information about Derek Stockley's performance management services, select: Performance Management Services.