In-house employee training programs and courses conducted on-site

Meeting specific training needs

Derek Stockley provides an in-house employee training service that meets the specific training needs for employees, team leaders and managers. Courses and programs available on-site cover the following areas:

  • training needs analysis

  • train the trainer

  • customer service

  • performance review

  • leadership training and management skills

  • personal skills

  • recruitment and selection

In-house training can be provided anywhere in Australia. Derek Stockley personally conducts training outside of Australia. Locations in recent years have included Dubai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.

To contact Derek Stockley for in-house training, see: In-house Training Enquiry.

Public courses that can be run in-house

These course can be adapted specifically to your training needs. Alternatively, key components can be combined as required.

Available employee training programs

If your need is for four or less participants, see: on-demand training.

In-house training courses conducted by Derek Stockley are on specific needs drawn from the following subject areas:

Training Needs Analysis - develops skills in the methods and approaches necessary to undertake a training needs analysis, skills inventory, gap analysis, etc.

Train the Trainer - develops skills in designing and presenting training to individuals on-the-job or in small groups. Topics can include: needs analysis, design, evaluation, etc.. See also: Presentation Skills and Facilitation Skills.

Customer Relations Training - develops skills in dealing with customers, customer relations, handling difficult customers and related customer programs.

Performance Review Training - all aspects of performance management, particularly how to conduct reviews (for team leaders, managers) and how to participate (employees).

Leadership and Management Training - designed for those without formal supervisory and management training, topics can include: motivation, communication, leadership styles, management tasks.

General Training - time, communication, negotiation - a range of general business skills training.

Human Resources - topics include the recruitment and selection approach, preparing position documentation and conducting interviews and other selection methods.

In-house programs conducted by Derek Stockley focus on your specific organisation. The level of the training and the case studies and activities used are developed in conjunction with your staff. The situations and scenarios discussed are real business situations, not some generalised concept developed for a public course or educational program.

Derek Stockley does not conduct "off the shelf" training - all programs take into consideration the individual and organisational situations faced by participants.

Providing on-site training programs within organisations

In-house training on-site is designed to meet specific organisational needs in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Although there are many excellent public training courses, it is sometimes difficult to find a course that closely matches a particular training requirement, particularly where the organisation’s systems are an integral part of the training.

Organising the training on-site can be an attractive option. It can save travelling time and other costs.

If your need is for four or less participants, see: on-demand training.

Derek Stockley has always designed and conducted training aimed at participant needs. See: recent testimonials about Derek Stockley's training results.

How much does it cost? What are the advantages?

An in-house program becomes cost effective with a minimum of 4-7 participants, depending on the extent of the design and research required. Compared with participation in "premium" priced public courses, in-house training can represent exceptional value.

In-house programs have other advantages. Apart from concentrating on specific organisation systems, in-house programs have excellent team building and development benefits as well.

in-house programs demonstrate management commitment to staff and employee development. They help foster team morale and a positive organisation culture.

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