A specialised public course for customer service skills training

How do you provide effective customer service training when every organisation is different?

A public customer service course solution is available. The public training, which is not generic, is available in Melbourne . Customer service training needs are met through a unique combination of training sessions.

Derek Stockley conducts customer service training programs. They are mainly done in-house with groups of four or more people.

Some organisations prefer a public course. Often organisations cannot release four or more customer service staff members simultaneously.

Unfortunately, generic public customer service programs cannot cater for the substantial difference in policies, methods and standards that different organisations use.

Good customer services involves two key areas:

  • Knowledge of the products, services, policies and processes of the organisation.

  • The ability to apply that knowledge by using friendly, customer centric behaviours.

As our approach has a very strong focus on meeting training needs, we do not offer generic public customer service courses. However, we can meet your training needs for one, two, three or four participants through our unique EssentialsPLUS process.

As explained at customer service training, training must reflect the particular working environment of the customer service contact staff.

Often the customer service training need is focused on verbal communication skills, either over the phone or in person. It can involve dealing with angry or upset customers. If this is your training need, then our unique EssentialsPLUS training process can help you.

Communication and interpersonal skills are often an important foundation

The Communications and Interpersonal Skills (CIP) course is offered in Melbourne . This course includes communication skills, listening, behaviour and approaches to angry or upset people. The program covers essential skills often critical in customer care environments.

Excellent customer service is more than good communication skills

However, there are some specific items to consider that are different for every organisation. These are covered through the EssentialsPLUS process so that the specific organisation context is considered. Unlike other public generic customer service programs, the customer service training segment will be focused on your specific situation. Specific issues not addressed in the CIP training will be covered.

Your team members need to understand your customer service values and what you are trying to achieve. Importantly, to provide excellent customer service, your team members need to synergise their knowledge of your products, services and processes.

The EssentialsPLUS training can also provide extra focus, for example, writing effective emails.

The training is organised as follows:

  • Participant/s attend the Communication and Interpersonal Skills (CIP) Course on the chosen date.
  • The CIP course runs from 9.00 to 4.00 pm.
  • The customer service segment (specifically related to your organisation) then runs from 4.15 pm to 5.15/5.30 pm.

Pre-reading/preparation material is provided for your participant/s to review. This covers the essential aspects of customer service. Participants are asked to think about achieving exceptional customer service. They are also asked to identify particular customer service issues. This prepares them for the EssentialsPLUS session, ensuring that the the training consultant can focus on the most important customer service issues during the training/coaching session. After course follow-up is also included if necessary.

In effect, the content and skills covered would normally take one and half days or more in a public course setting. Our aim is to refresh and reinforce excellent customer service behaviour by sharing practical tips and techniques that they can be used straight away.

This training can be organised for up to four participants on the one course day. It is a limited offer, as only one organisation can participate in the extra EssentialsPLUS session held for each CIP course.

A sliding course fee schedule applies - each extra participant reduces the course fee per person.

The normal CIP fees are:

One participant: $495
These fees include GST

The specialised customer service course fee (includes CIP and Customer Service session):

One participant: $695
Two to four participants: Fees as agreed.
These fees include GST

To register, please complete the EssentialsPLUS section of the Registration form at: Communication and Interpersonal Skills Course. The Customer Service component will be billed separately once the fee has been determined.

If you need more information or assistance, please contact Derek Stockley.

In-house training

Derek Stockley conducts in-house training in customer service throughout Australia. Derek Stockley specialises in needs based training, which means that the training can be targeted specifically to your needs.

The full range of training subjects and training courses covered by Derek Stockley is shown at: Training Topics.

Companies and other organisations with four/five or more to be trained can request further information and a quotation through the in-house training request page or learn more about in-house training at: in-house training explanation.

Further information

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The full range of training subjects and training courses covered by Derek Stockley is shown at: Training Topics.

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