Customer service training - specialised, basic, advanced

Derek Stockley provides a wide range of customer service training programs for staff dealing with customers in person or on the telephone. Topics can include customer relations, methods, processes and dealing with angry and upset customers. Sometimes the assignment includes customer service consulting.

Most customer service training is in-house (for the reasons outlined below). However, to cater for smaller organisations that cannot have in-house training for four or more participants, a specialised public course option is offered.

Different customer service training environments

Whilst the topics covered in customer relations training programs can be similar, the content and direction of the training is often very different.

Every organisation has its own unique operating environment. It may be profit/sales oriented or non-profit/service based. Customer contact may be primarily face-to-face, or alternatively, phone/email/mail based.

Consequently, the training design has to carefully consider the content of the course, but perhaps more importantly, the context that participants operate within. The course has to be needs based, specifically researched and created for the training group.

Practical or theory based training

Needs can be skill or theory related. Some may wish to develop practical skills. Some participants may need assistance in handling complex transactions or dealing with difficult customers.

Others may have the practical service skills. Their organisation may be embarking on a major quality or service improvement program, and staff need to be informed of the new direction. Their participation may be required. At the end of the training period, staff will be full and active participants in the new program and direction.

A variety of approaches can be used to design training that meets the diversity of training needs described above.

The "trainer" may also fulfil the roles of facilitator and consultant, depending on the scope and numbers of staff involved. Sometimes the assignment includes customer service consulting.

Course lengths can vary. The training can be intensive or spread over a period of time. It may consist of half-day, one day or longer courses.

Typical program content is shown at: Customer service program content example.

Training experience

Derek has been designed and conducted customer service programs on the following topics:

  • Customer Relations for Staff
  • Advanced Customer Relations for Staff
  • Customer Relations for Supervisors & Managers
  • Handling Difficult Customers

Derek can design and develop a training program specifically related to your organisation’s needs.

In addition, he can provide broad consulting assistance in service management and service improvement programs.

What approach to customer service does Derek take? Every program is needs based and related specifically to the organisation. However, you can gain an understanding of Derek’s views on customer service through his regular newsletter articles, see: Customer Service Newsletter Articles.

Further information

Individuals or groups of four or less can register their interest or learn more about the on-demand service at: On-demand Service Explanation.

Companies and other organisations with five or more to be trained can request further information and a quotation through the in-house training request page or learn more about in-house training at: in-house training explanation.

For other training topics, see: Training Topics.

For training consulting, see: Training Courses and Consulting.