Customer service consulting - assisting organisations in the development and improvement of customer service

Derek Stockley and the team provide a wide range of customer service consulting and training programs. Customer service consulting involves working with employees, team leaders and managers in the development and improvement of customer services policies, standards and processes.

Achieving high levels of customer service

Often customer service training programs can highlight service issues and approaches that can be approved.

Consequently, the training design has to allow for actions related to the wider issues of customer service programs. The training often becomes an essential element of a wider based program.

Broad, needs based approach is essential

Every organisation is different. Although the principles are the same, a different approach is required.

A variety of consulting and training approaches can be used to design an improvement program that meets the diversity of the business or organisation.

The consultant undertakes the roles of trainer, facilitator and independent (external) adviser.

Assignment lengths can vary. The task can be intensive or spread over a period of time, depending on the size of the organisation,the strength of the existing customer service culture and the quality of the policies and processes in place.

Typical training program content is shown at: customer service training program content example.

Consulting and training experience

Derek has been designed and conducted customer service training and change assignments in both the public and private sectors.

Derek can design and develop a customer services program specifically related to your organisation’s needs.

Further information

If you are interested in the training aspects, see customer service training programs which outlines some of the available options.

For companies and other organisations seeking a total customer service improvement program, or telephone or write to Derek Stockley at Derek Stockley Contact Details.