Customised corporate training for business, companies and organisations

Derek Stockley provides customised training solutions to meet corporate and community needs. General courses and programs are available, see public training courses in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane.

Alternatively, company specific training courses and seminars can also be developed and conducted. These include programs introducing change or specific company-wide initiatives.

Providing specific employee training programs within organisations

Companies and organisations in both the public and private sectors often require specific employee training and development in order to achieve a new corporate direction or business strategy.

This customised or tailored training can be on any topic, but normally relates to a new product, service or corporate initiative. This covers change, information technology, business skills, planning, etc. - what ever is required to achieve successful organisational functioning through effective training and development.

In these cases, the particular business direction of the company or organisation need to be considered and allowed for in the training solution developed.

The learning need may have arisen as the result of a training needs analysis (TNA).

Derek Stockley designs and conducts training aimed at participant needs. See: recent testimonials about Derek Stockley's training seminars.

See also: Case Study Topics.

To enquire further about this specific training service, see: Corporate/In-house Training Enquiry.

Customised or tailored training programs

If your need is for four or less participants, see: on-demand training.

Alternatively, you may wish to have Derek Stockley design and/or deliver a training program.

Please note: every program delivered by Derek Stockley is the result of a comprehensive design process. Customisation is defined as designing the program for the specific needs of the customer. This includes both the individual participants and the organisation as a whole. Derek does not take a standard course session plan and make minor alterations. Every course is designed to meet needs discovered during the TNA (Training Needs Analysis) and the course development and presentation process.

Derek Stockley can design and/or deliver a training program drawn from the following subject areas:

Training Needs Analysis - develops skills in the methods and approaches necessary to undertake a training needs analysis, skills inventory, gap analysis, etc.

Trainer Development - develops skills in designing and presenting training to individuals on-the-job or in small groups. Topics can include: needs analysis, design, evaluation, etc.. See also: Presentation Skills.

Customer Service Training - develops skills in dealing with customers, customer relations, handling difficult customers and related customer programs.

Performance Management Training - all aspects of performance management, particularly how to conduct reviews (for team leaders, managers) and how to participate (employees). Derek Stockley has conducted many briefing sessions when a new or revised system is introduced.

Leadership and Management Training - designed for any supervisory or management level, topics can include: motivation, communication, leadership styles, management tasks, delegation,change management, etc.

General Training - time, communication, negotiation - a range of general business skills training.

Human Resources - topics include the recruitment and selection approach, preparing position documentation and conducting interviews and other selection methods.

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Further information

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