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Communication and Interpersonal Skills - London Public Training Course

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Derek Stockley Pty Ltd offers a communication and interpersonal skills training program in London.

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Interpersonal and communication skills are essential for all aspects of our business and private lives

This program is for individuals, team leaders and managers who need to and want to ensure that they are maximising their ability to communicate and work with others, avoiding conflict and disharmony.

The program allows you to identify and adapt your communication style. Your ability to listen and comprehend the intention/message behind the words used by others will be improved. You will be able to identify ways to talk with other people in a manner that relates to them and their particular style. You will detect possible conflict and minimise its impact.

The course is needs based. You cover the communication and interpersonal skills techniques and ideas, but a substantial component involves practical exercises that let you focus on the management of issues most important to you.

Program details

Topics include:

Methods of communication
Communication style and pitfalls
How to achieve effective communication
Effective listening techniques
How to deal with different situations
Dealing with difficult people
Dealing with people under stress
Interpersonal techniques
Assertiveness skills
Influencing skills
Conflict management

If this course description is close to your requirements, but you have a different or additional need, see the explanation of the EssentialsPLUS process at Course Alternatives.

Times and Date

No dates are currently scheduled for 2014.


Regus, London


The fee includes morning and afternoon tea, a light lunch and all course materials and participant notes. The course fees for participation in the same course on the same date are:

One participant: 400 GBP
Two participants: 770 GBP (385 GBP each)
Three participants: 1110 GBP (370 GBP each)
Each additional participant, 370 GBP each.
These fees exclude VAT.

Please note: an additional 10 GBP per person discount applies for past public course participants, multiple course enrolments at the same time (different programs) or participants from past or current clients of Derek Stockley - only one extra discount per person applies. Please claim your discount (with reasons) on the registration form.

The number of people for each course is limited to a maximum of twelve.

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Please register at Interpersonal and Communication Skills Course Registration - London.

Further information

If the available dates are not suitable, or you would prefer more specialised training, individuals or groups of four or less can register their interest or learn more about the on-demand service at: On-demand Service Explanation or register directly at On-demand Training Registration.

Companies and other organisations with training five or more to be trained can request further information and a quotation through the in-house training request page or learn more about in-house training at: in-house training explanation.

Public professional development and management courses are shown at: Public Training Courses.

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