Design of Train the Trainer Courses

Train the Trainer courses or programs can take many formats and periods of time to complete. Derek Stockley, a Melbourne based training consultant, provides some background to the issues involved.

For specific trainer development options provided by Derek Stockley, see: Trainer Development Options, including a public train the trainer course in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth.

Team leaders and managers in the business, community and education sectors are often required to coach and train others. They do not need the formal training qualifications required by training officers, teachers and tutors.

Often, training needs can be quite varied. Courses can range from a one day program to develop on-the-job training skills, to programs of two, three, four or five days.

Train the Trainer - Course Content

The content of these train the trainer courses is as diverse as the people and organisations they serve. Each should be based on specific training needs, see: Training Needs Analysis.

Typical content could include:

  • training needs analysis
  • designing learning
  • conducting programs
  • evaluating training

Specific topics could include:

These are just examples of the learning content that may be necessary to develop trainers. A needs assessment would be completed to finalise the course design.

Who is the trainer? How is the training offered?

Derek Stockley has over 25 years training, management and consulting experience in a wide variety of organisations. He works with participants at all organisational levels.

For trainer development options, see: Trainer Development Options.

Individuals or groups of four or less can register their interest at: On-demand Registration.

Companies and other organisations with five or more to be trained can request further information and a quotation through the in-house training request page or learn more about in-house training at: in-house training explanation.

For all training courses offered, see: Training Topics.