457 Visa Training Program Requirements for Employers

457 Visa Training requirements need to be managed

Employers who sponsor employees under 457 Visa arrangements undertake to provide training to all their employees (see Training Benchmarks - Information ).

The above publication explains the two types of Training Benchmarks that have been set:

  • Training Benchmark A - paying the equivalent of at least two per cent of recent payroll expenditure to an industry training fund for the training of Australian citizens or permanent residents.


  • Training Benchmark B - spending the equivalent of one per cent of payroll on training for their employees who are Australian citizens or permanent residents.

Organising training

Every organisation will need to develop a training approach that ensures its obligations as a Sponsor are met.

This should be done in a planned way, not spending money on training just so the expenditure levels are met.

The mistakes of the Training Guarantee Act 1990 need to be avoided. This Act, repealed in 1996, imposed a charge equal to any shortfall in the amount spent by employers on training employees. As a consequence, a lot of poorly targeted training activity was conducted to avoid imposition of the levy.

Expenditure on good, well designed and delivered training is an investment in the productivity growth of Australia.

To ensure a sound training investment, a TNA may be appropriate, see: Training Needs Analysis. Derek Stockley can organise an in-house, comprehensive TNA/trainer project, see In-house Training Needs Analysis Project.

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