Web Statistics - Site and Traffic Monitoring and Optimisation Information

Web statistics are an important part of search engine optimization (SEO). As part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), SEO requires the support of software programs that track web traffic.

Having gone to a lot of effort to attract and boost web site visitor numbers, it is essential to monitor which search engines and sites refer visitors, and the web pages those visitors view within the website. Tracking the entry pages, the route taken, and the exit pages used, provides key information about the visitors' web behaviour on your site.

Search engines are not the only source of visitors. A comprehensive marketing program can involve obtaining links from other sites, as well as PPC (Pay Per Click) programs such as Google Adwords. A good traffic statistics package provides information about all of these referral sources.

Adjustments to 'keywords' and keyword phrases can then be implemented to target and increase visits. A similar strategy also applies to the text in links from other sites.

A targeted approach to search engines is essential if increasing numbers of searchers are going to be referred to your web site or individual web pages. A high ranking for the 'improved' site will increase web traffic.

There are many good website traffic software options. Your hosting service provider will include some level of reporting in your hosting package, but this varies between providers. There are also specialist traffic analysis programs available.

These days, the preferred measure is 'visitors' and 'page views'. 'Hit' counts are misleading, because each page may generate multiple 'hits', depending on the number of images and other inherent features on the individual web page. For example, five image files and two external JavaScript files generate seven 'hits' for a single web page.

The key features required of web traffic monitoring software are explained at: Traffic Monitoring Software Features.

Free counters often require you to display your visitor counters, which can provide key information to competitors.

For the paid services, a range of prices and service quality apply, often depending on the volume of traffic per month.

We use and recommend the Web-Stat Hits traffic analysis software, see: Web-Stat Traffic Monitoring Software

You can sign up for a 30 day free trial or purchase at Web-Stat Registration.

After signing up, have a look at: Making the most of Web-Stat - how to use Web-Stat.

At Web-Stat Traffic Monitoring Software we explain how we use the software statistics to monitor our website performance. We believe the small monthly fee is an investment that pays many times over. In our case, it has helped us increase visitor numbers and improve the quality of the experience for our website visitors.

Web statistics go hand in hand with search engine optimisation.