Train the Trainer - employee training courses that develop skills in on-the-job and small group training techniques

An explanation of Train the Trainer as a technique for the development of employees by Derek Stockley. Derek has conducted Train the Trainer courses in Melbourne, country Victoria, Sydney, other parts of Australia and overseas.

A public two day course is available, see: Train the Trainer Public Training Course.

Training development involves developing the skills of individuals so that they can train others in their areas of expertise, either on-the-job or in groups.

Trainer Development Skills Essential

Trainer development is essential if the learning needs of organisations are to be met. Organisation success depends on keeping people up-to-date and skilled in the latest concepts and techniques. Mastering knowledge is essential. Using the most effective and efficient processes is critical.

Organisations can achieve these requirements through a number of methods, one of the main ones being training and learning programs. There are many ways for people to learn.

People need the skills to conduct and co-ordinate training and/or learning. Train the Trainer programs provide these skills. Developing training skills is also one of the best forms of management development. It is not just for training officers or consultants. It applies to all levels of staff.

Trainer Course Content

The content and format of these skills training courses is as diverse as the people and organisations they serve. Each should be based on specific training needs.

Typical content would cover the assessment of needs, training design, preparing training material, presentation and assessment/evaluation.

These are just examples of the learning content that may be necessary to develop trainers.

Training alternatives

In summary, Derek Stockley has been conducting train the trainer programs for many years. Alternatives available for your trainer development needs include:

  • Training Development Options - explains the wide variety of training options available.

  • In-house training or corporate training - information about the inhouse or corporate training service where training is conducted specifically for the one organisation or group.

  • On-demand Training - a new training service that caters for organisations requiring training for one, two or three people - not enough for in-house training (even a small group).

  • Training Consulting - explains the range of consulting services available.

If you have a more general TTT enquiry, or telephone or write to Derek Stockley at Contact Details.