Training and Development Overview

Training, as part of the broader field of human resource development (HRD), is still a key activity of organisations. Learning is essential. This page brings together a variety of resources that explain the main features of training.

See Trainer Development Options for trainer development options .

Key Aspects of Training (HRD)

E-learning and Online Training

  • Free Online Training and E-learning - provides a comprehensive list of free examples/tutorials on a variety of business and learning subjects. A good introduction to computer based training.

  • E-learning Tutorial - provides a comprehensive guide to the key issues concerning e-learning.

Training Articles

Related Training and Human Resource Development Matters

What’s next?

Derek Stockley can design and conduct training for you, see: Training Courses and Services.

Further information related specifically to learning and training can be found at: Links - Training (Human Resources Development).

If you are interested in general management research, there is a "basic" e-journey on the Derek Stockley site called 50 Top Business Intellectuals. It lists information and links to management gurus and their thinking. (This opens a new page - close it to return to this point).

For more information about Derek Stockley and e-learning, select: E-learning - Derek Stockley.

Current testimonials provides an insight into how participants react to Derek’s training. It lists comments taken from actual evaluations at recent training programs.