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TAA04 Training Package - the updated version of Assessment and Workplace Training (AWT)

An explanation of the TAA Training Package.

Please note: a new TAE qualification now applies from 12 May 2010. For a full explanation, please see:

IBSA website.

The TAA Training Package is a completely revised approach to training development in Australia and significantly expands on the previous AWT package.

If you wish to undertake the new Cert 4, see Online Certificate IV Training and Assessment ().

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TAA04 Course


Competency-based training and assessment has been a major feature of the Australian training system for over 10 years. The Vocational Education and Training system (VET) has undergone large-scale conversion to the competency-based approach. The VET system now covers over 80 industries in Australia.

The Certificate IV qualification is mandated in the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) as the required training qualification in Australian VET. VET is post-compulsory education and training, excluding degree and higher level programs delivered by higher education institutions, which provides people with occupational or work-related knowledge and skills.

VET and trainer development

In line with this focus, competency standards were developed for workplace trainers and those involved in assessing the competency of others. Over the years there have been a number of revisions.

Trainer development in Australia

Training Package review

The TAA04 Training Package was endorsed by the National Training Quality Council on 1 October 2004.

The original release date was 23 November 2004.

The former Assessment and Workplace Training (AWT) training package, which covered the Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training and the Diploma in Training and Assessment Systems, was phased out during 2005 with further enrolments ceasing in November 2005.

The current status of the TAA package is listed at IBSA Training Package Current Status.

Fitness for purpose

As quoted on the IBSA website: "Since the publication of TAA04 Training and Assessment Training Package in November 2004, there has been considerable discussion concerning the Certificate IVís "fitness for purpose."

This is not surprising as the Certificate IV qualification is mandated in the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) as the required training qualification in Australian VET. Thousands of VET practitioners have gained or are undertaking this qualification and we can expect this growth in numbers of people holding the Certificate to substantially increase in the near future.

The introduction of the Certificate has been blighted by the perception that it is not rigorous enough; it can be gained with a few days work! On the other hand it is claimed that the qualification is too rigorous; that it is pitched at Diploma level and includes questionable or irrelevant content.

During 2008 IBSA conducted consultations on the Certificate IV qualification and has recently made some important enhancements to the qualification, but it has not changed in any significant degree its structure or design.

Consequently, a discussion paper has been prepared. You can access it here

Assessing the impact of the new TAA package

The qualifications and the qualification structure included in the new TAA Training Package are:

TAA40104: Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (14 units of competency - 12 core units plus two elective units)

TAA50104: Diploma of Training and Assessment (12 units of competency five core units plus seven elective units).

There are some requirements to meet regarding essential and recommended prior learning or co-learning units of competency.

The previous Certificate IV qualification (BSZ40198) will continue to be recognised. Training officers, etc. who qualified under the previous certificate are not required to update to the revised qualification, unless they are involved in the delivery/ assessment of the new Certificate IV Training and Assessment qualification.

The TAA certificate has more units and greater depth/breadth than the previous certificate.

The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment requires a significant learning effort. For a comparison between the two qualifications, see: Certificate IV Comparison. During 2005, many people undertook the previous certificate in an attempt to limit their costs and time commitment.

Implications and impact

Further training development assistance

Derek Stockley has been conducting training programs for many years.

For those people who do not require the qualification to operate within the VET system, Derek has provided a short but comprehensive program that has trained hundreds of supervisors, managers, team leaders, trainers, software consultants, etc. required to train people internally or externally. Details are at Train the Trainer - Melbourne or Train the Trainer - Sydney.

Trainer Development Options provides details of the trainer development options provided by Derek Stockley, including access to a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

If you are interested in having Derek provide trainer development assistance, or telephone or write to Derek Stockley at Contact Details.

Further information related specifically to training can be found at: Links - Training/Training System and Training (Human Resources Development) Links. This includes links to various government and education sites involved in Australia's vocational and education training system.

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