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Maths Tuition - tutor assisted, computer based math education for primary and secondary students

This page provides further details of a computer based math/maths class explained briefly at the blended learning page. The actual program is run by Numberworks.

The Numberworks mathematics program run by Margaret Seenan and Mary Seenan is computer based learning, with a maths tutor to assist and provide additional help.

Margaret and Mary operate three locations in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne: Balwyn, Glen Waverley and Ringwood.

The program caters for children and students attending primary or secondary education. The math (mathematics) lessons are contained in computer exercises, games and activities. The maths tutor checks each student’s level of competence and understanding. An individual program is then tailored to meet the assessed learning needs.

My children have personally attended the program, where delivery is mainly computer based, but supported by a maths tutor in the classroom. The tutoring and coaching provided has been of real benefit to my children.

If you are located in the eastern suburbs (for example: Kew, Doncaster, Box Hill, Dandenong, Chadstone, Nunawading, Mitcham, Croydon, Lilydale) of Melbourne, Australia, and you need this type of maths help, you can contact: Internet - Ringwood, , Balywn Internet, ) and Glen Waverley Internet, ).

School holiday programs are conducted during most school holidays.

Computer based math/maths training with tutor support in Glen Waverley, Ringwood and Balwyn

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