Performance Management Training Courses/Modules

Performance management training programs

Performance management training complements the introduction of new or revised performance management systems. A variety of programs/courses/modules may be necessary to ensure successful implementation. Training can include business performance improvement, appraisal techniques, evaluation forms, discussion and interview methods, objectives, etc.

For the design and/or delivery of other training programs and courses (time management, customer service, leadership, etc.) see: general and specific training courses and programs.

Performance management training situations are varied. The implementation of new or revised schemes often necessitates training.

Ongoing training needs also have to be considered, particularly for new employees or those promoted into team leader or managerial positions.

Key staff member training - design/implementation participants

These involve information sessions on all aspects of performance management for employees, team leaders and managers participating in system design or redesign. Often a forerunner to workshops where the facilitator leads the design and planning process for the new performance management system. See: Performance Management Design and Performance Management Implementation for more information.

Employee/staff briefings

For new or revised performance schemes, briefing sessions for all participating employees (staff) can answer queries and concerns, providing a solid foundation for successful implementation. Performance management content can include the system structure, corporate rationale, expected benefits, requirements, "how-to" approaches and the like.

Team leader and manager training

More extensive training is required for team leaders and managers who will conduct the review discussions or interviews. This can include: identifying and writing performance objectives, adapting corporate objectives to the individual/team, discussion and questioning techniques, HR policies (particularly in regard to compensation, training/education support), handling salary discussions, equity/legal issues, etc.

Ongoing training and support

Establishing support materials and training programs so new employees, team leaders and managers can be trained. Computer/internet/intranet applications are increasingly being used to provide "just-in-time" learning programs.

Other performance management resources

Training design and delivery assistance

If you are interested in organising a training program, see: inhouse training enquiry. For, information about the wide range of training available, see Training Topics.

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