Employee Performance Reviews and Appraisals

Derek Stockley prepares employees for the performance review or performance appraisal process or interview.

This very quick guide provides tips and ideas which help employees to plan their approach and understand the process, so that they can prepare and plan their participation with confidence.

Other performance management training programs are explained at: Performance Management Training.

Alternatively, the complete overview of performance management is at: Performance Management Overview.

Outline of Performance Reviews/Appraisals Training Approach

Basic questions to consider include:

What is a performance review in my organisation? Is it the same as a performance appraisal or employee review?

What will happen during the interview/discussion? What will the review cover? What time periods might be involved eg. is it an annual review only?

What is my role in the review? What can I do? What can't I do? Is my job at risk? What about salary and other payments?

How do I prepare? What control can I exercise?

Can I ask for things that I want, for example, training and further education?

What is a good review or appraisal? What rights do I have? Am I free to complain about or appeal the review process?

What can I achieve? How do I make it a positive experience?

Further Information

A variety of training programs for employees, team leaders and managers can be found at Performance Management Training - includes staff briefings, review and appraisal systems, interview and discussion techniques - all aspects of the training needed for successful performance system implementation.

Performance management information can be found at Derek's Performance Management Page.