The impact of the Google search engine on our daily lives

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Derek Stockley comments on the impact of the Google search engine on our daily lives.

The growth of the Google search engine

I discovered the Google search engine in its early days. As it was for many others, someone recommended it. I tried it and I liked it straight away. Its speed was so impressive.

Google grew very quickly because it provided a superior search experience. Word spread and the growth since 1998 has been dramatic.

Like many others, I often speak of its benefits. When Google decided to have a public share offer in early 2004, and the expected share price was announced, I was asked very pointedly: "Why didn't you invent it?"

I wish I had. Not just for the money, but it would be fantastic to have a positive impact on so many people’s lives.

Google’s impact

Access to billions of pages of information in micro seconds is excellent customer service, particularly when there is no direct charge.

Google has become an essential business tool which I personally use every day.

Google and productivity

I use Google for general research. I use it to find information to solve problems. I use it to do background research on my clients. If you have a company name to research, Google can help you find their website and/or other useful information.

Sometimes I will go "Googling". This involves doing a search on a person’s name. A potential client may have been a conference speaker, or may have been quoted in the media. Such knowledge is very helpful background information.

I thought Derek Stockley would be a unique name. Google tells me that there are at least two other Derek Stockleys in the world! So you have to be careful, and not jump to any unfounded conclusions.

Whilst Google is not perfect, it has made a big difference to my business and personal life.

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