Sourcing information for business and personal use

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Information is critical

We need information to operate successfully, and with the internet, much is available.

Unfortunately, the sheer quantity available makes it difficult to quickly locate the most accurate and timely information. Yes there is a lot of information "out there", but it can be a real challenge to find it.

Information types and sources

There are two broadly based needs: personal and business.

Personal information includes news, current affairs, sports results, entertainment opportunities, financial information, hobby specific information and the like.

Business information includes general business news, company specific data, market/competitor information, industry/professional information, etc.

Some of this information will come to you automatically, e.g. bank statements, annual reports, membership newsletters.

Some can be generated so that you receive it regularly, e.g. by subscribing to an email newsletter, e.g. local cinema weekly program notification, newspaper (media) bulletins, etc.

Finding and subscribing to good newsletters (free or subscription based) can ensure that quality, relevant and up-to-date information regularly comes to you.

There are other sources as well.

If you have an interest in specific news items or general items, services like Google Alerts can keep you updated. For example, I monitor the suburbs near where I live. This ensures that I am alerted of local news happenings that I may have missed. The service is not perfect - I also know the news from Lilydale in Tasmania as well. You can receive updated news or updated web pages or both. The choice is yours.

If you have an interest in a particular website, services like Watch That Page can be very useful. You can register to be alerted when a web page is updated or changed.

As an example of the services available, the Books/Journal Updates Links site provides a listing of publishers, etc. that will advise of new listings for topics of your interest.

Newsletters and services like these can assure a quality, regular inward flow of information.

In summary, information sources should be managed and controlled. Rather than being reactionary, it is also possible to create quality information sources as well.

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