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An explanation of the mantra of the Derek Stockley business:

We provide training that enables people to learn, review and achieve.

Corporate Mantra

What we do and how we do it – Derek Stockley

We help improve individual and organisational performance. We believe that we make a difference. We accelerate positive behaviour change.

We touch people in different ways. For some, we provide life changing events. For others, we create insightful, helpful, behaviour changing learning opportunities. All participants can gain insights that lead to higher satisfaction and performance (personally and within their organisations).

We focus on the essentials. We favour practical ideas and information rather than broad theories. All our training helps people to find and adopt more effective behaviours. We encourage people to think about what they are doing and to make changes where they see the need. We are outcome (not content) focused.

We are committed to lifelong learning. We encourage people and organisations to enthusiastically involve themselves in the learning process. We share and discuss. We value all contributions. We know that the wisdom lies with all, not just the trainers. We encourage informal as well as formal learning. We provide a wide variety of learning methods, but we still believe interactive, face to face learning is best for the people skills training (predominately) we do.

Our focus is on actual training needs, not perceived wants. Our focus is on the participants, not ourselves as trainers. We guide and facilitate. We constantly probe, check and adjust throughout the learning process. Participants are encouraged to ensure that all their immediate questions are answered before they finish the training.

We focus on the positive rather than the negative. We have fun. We learn as well. We encourage. We create safe learning environments. We welcome different viewpoints that focus on issues rather than people.

We are enthusiastic. We enjoy what we do. We really do believe that we help people and organisations to succeed.

Derek Stockley
Derek Stockley


General comments made by people who have worked with Derek Stockley:

"My goals have been achieved."

"I feel more confident in approaching tasks."

"Made individuals feel comfortable."

"I will be better able to deal with team and individual problems in the workplace."


Comments about Derek's training ability are listed at: current testimonials about Derek's training ability - taken from actual evaluations at recent training programs.

For information about the approach to dealing with clients, see consulting approach and client approach.

Contacting Derek Stockley for further discussions

Derek conducts in-house training. If this is not appropriate, he also provides an "on demand" or just-in-time (JIT) training service. It provides relevant and targeted training when a public short course is not available and in-house training is not appropriate. See: On-demand Training - Meeting Specific Training Needs.

If you are interested in organising a training program, or you require consulting assistance, or telephone or write to Derek Stockley at Derek Stockley Contact Details

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