I have extensive experience that enables me to design and conduct leadership and management education programs , see: Derek Stockley's Background and Consulting Services - Derek Stockley

Comments about my training ability are listed at: current testimonials about Derek's training ability - taken from actual evaluations at recent training courses.

If you are interested in organising a leadership or management course, or require more information, see: in-house training or telephone or write to Derek Stockley at Derek Stockley Contact Details

Alternatively, a new "on demand" or just-in-time (JIT) training service has been introduced. It provides relevant and targeted training when a public short course is not available and in-house training is not appropriate. See: On-demand Training - Meeting Specific Training Needs. Leadership and management training is included in this offer.

I also conduct a leadership program (short course) at Melbourne. For details see: Developing Team Leaders Skills. It is designed to improve team leader skills.

For more information about how to approach leadership and management training, see: Leadership and Management.