Time effective training for professional legal practices

Training by consultants who understand lawyers and legal firms

We have worked with a wide variety of staff members from the legal profession, as well as staff members from associated state and federal organisations who are part of the legal process.

Our general knowledge of the unique operating environment is very high. Derek Stockley has been involved with lawyers for over 30 years, see Maria Stockley.

We have worked with both professional and support staff, from junior to quite senior levels. We have worked with lawyers, paralegal staff members, administrative staff and support specialists e.g. information technology.

We specialise in the soft skill areas of communication, leadership, management, negotiation, trainer development, facilitation, employee selection and time management. We are aware of the types of specialist systems and procedures that operate in legal organisations.

In-house training and coaching

Enquire or talk to Derek Stockley about an in-house training course designed to:

  • Meet exactly your staff member and practice training needs.

  • Complement your corporate values, ethics and professional practices.

  • Minimise impact on client service activities.

  • Minimise non-chargeable hours whilst maximising professional development.

In ten-fifteen minutes, Derek will:

  • Ask you about the intended program, purpose and participants.

  • Discuss with you the outcomes necessary to grow your practice.

  • Use his knowledge and experience to ask clarifying questions that will focus the training very specifically to your needs.

  • Quickly summarise the key issues and key design elements of the training solution.

You should be surprised by how quickly Derek can focus accurately on your situation.

To discuss your needs and the available options, in Australia,

For full contact details, see Contact Details.

For information about organising a Training Needs Analysis, see: TNA.

Public training courses

Staff members from legal firms and industry bodies have attended the following public training courses:

Leadership course image  Leadership Course - Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.
Train the Trainer course image  Train the Trainer - Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth.
Facilitation skills course image  Facilitation Skills - Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth.
Communication course image  Communication Course - Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth.
Public speaking course image  Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Course - Melbourne.
Interviewing course image  Selection and Interviewing Skills Course - Melbourne.
Time management course image  Time Management Course - Melbourne.
Negotiation course image  Negotiation Skills Course - Melbourne.

Online registration is easy!

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More information about the registration process, including discount and payment options, can be obtained at: Registration Information.