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E-learning or online training represents a major shift in training and development. Learning possibilities are significantly expanded as availability overcomes travel and timing issues.

This web site by Derek Stockley contains a variety of e-learning products called e-journeys. There is no charge or fee to use them. All material is available online - you are not required to purchase any associated textbooks, nor are they a "sales pitch" to purchase a specific product or program. They are:

Derek Stockley conducts public training courses in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane in Australia.

Free Online Courses/E-learning Tutorial Links (other sites)

Small Business Courses - links to comprehensive resources for small business (US Government Department Site).

Project Management Training - links to comprehensive resources for people involved in project management.

What's next?

The broader topic of training is discussed in detail in: Derek Stockley's Training (Human Resources Development) Links.