E-learning explanation

Derek Stockley provides information about e-learning, including links to free online training products.

E-learning Introduction and Examples

The Internet has provided many more opportunities for education and training, and one of those is e-learning which has emerged as a tool for personal and business development.

My first e-learning product is what I call an e-journey. It's free, and if you would like to try it, go to: Web Design and Construction. This is a detailed e-journey about designing (or redesigning) and building web pages or websites.

The second e-journey is about elearning. It is also free, and if you would like to try it, go to: E-journey on E-learning. This is an extensive e-journey.

On the other hand, another approach can be a simple listing of relevant and worthwhile sites. An example is : Interesting "leadership" sites.

In between these two examples is a hybrid - some information - some interesting links - see : Top 50 Management Gurus (Business Intellectuals).

The above tutorials, plus links to others, are listed at: Free Online Training and E-learning - a comprehensive list of free examples/tutorials on a variety of business and learning subjects.

Blended Learning

The above e-learning products could be used in a blended learning program, which is e-learning combined with more traditional forms of training such as "class room" training.

A significant advantage of a blended program is the ability to cater for individual needs. An individual could receive additional information and training through extra e-learning programs whilst still attending class room training with other students. See Training Needs Analysis for an explanation of catering for individual needs.

E-learning Consulting Assistance

I hope you enjoy your e-learning travels.

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