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There are many resources that cover the e-learning (elearning) topic. The links on this page provide a very comprehensive range of information about elearning, a growing and important part of the learning and development field. This page is part of a comprehensive e-journey about e-learning. To go to the program contents, select: Course Overview - E-learning.

1. Links to E-learning Articles and Links Pages

e-Learning Centre's Library Index (Jane Knight) - a comprehensive listing of resources covering the major aspects of e-learning. Each resource is personally reviewed by Jane prior to listing, making it one of the leading website resources on e-learning and related topics.

e-Learning Centre's Guide to e-Learning (Jane Knight) - the free guide (2nd edition) I reviewed in 2004 has been updated in 2005. It is now divided into two low priced editions (still to be reviewed). In 2004, I said of the second guide - "The revised guide is even better, providing a logical coverage of e-learning and related themes. The links to resources on the site, as well as external resources, provide an excellent coverage of e-learning and related topics."

E-learning Articles Index (Learning Circuits)    E-learning Guru Articles Index    E-learning Guru Links Index    Questions Answered   

2. E-learning Portals

Internet Time Group - eLearning Jump Page    Eclipse Resources    Questions Answered    E-learning Resources    E-learning Zone (UK)    MERLOT Learning Resources    E-learning Exchange    WBT (Web Based Training) Information Center(2002)    DMOZ E-learning Reference DMOZ E-learning Portals    E-learning Questions and Answers    Outreach Weblearning 3 pages    Gurteen (UK) Learning    Glasgow Learning Network    elearnspace   

3. E-learning Associations and University Sites

British Association Online Learning    Aust. Institute of Training and Development    American Society for Training and Development    Hawaii Uni Site    MCLI Learning (Maricopa College)    Learning Technologies - University of Alberta    UTS E-learning   

4. E-learning Conferences

5. E-learning Tools and Aids

Web Clipart    Reusable Digital Learning Resources    Discovery.com Quizcenter    Blackboard Resources    Auto scripter    Bobby (CAST)   

6. News and Magazines

Learning Circuits    eLearning Post    eLearning Magazine    Online Learning Magazine   

7. E-learning System Suppliers

Suppliers are here: E-learning Suppliers

What's next?

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Other e-learning products can be found at: Derek Stockley - E-learning or Free Online Training and E-learning for a comprehensive list of free examples/tutorials on a variety of business and learning subjects.

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